Thought of the week

“My Temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of all nations”
Isaiah 56 v 7

I have never been a great one for beach holidays or for package tours. Instead, I prefer to set off having arranged my own itinerary. Usually, such trips are undertaken in the car, but in 2007, I toured Serbia and Bulgaria by train. I discovered one great difference between the two styles of travel. In the car, I decide with whom I shall travel. On the train everyone who has a ticket has as much right to travel as I do.

Alighting from a mainline train at a wayside station, I surveyed my fellow passengers waiting for the branch line train; three ladies, one very old, and a cow. She was a very handsome cow in a fetching shade of brown, but an unexpected travelling companion.

In the train, I have travelled with dogs and with drunks, with stockbrokers and with students. On one journey, I was kept entertained by a charming eight-year old who had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the tales of Thomas the tank Engine whilst, on another, I got so cross with a group of supercilious tourists who spent the whole time sneering at the backwardness of Wales that I asked them why they didn’t go back to England if it was so much better. 

People we take to and people we do not. People who look clean and people who look dirty. People we find attractive and people we fear. All may be found on the train.

And they have one thing in common. Everyone of them is a child of God. The ride to Heaven is not exclusive. Provided they have a ticket, everyone may join in the journey. And the price of the ticket? Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is for every person of every nation without exception.

May He be your blessed travel guide through this week.

Chris Gillham

P.S. I know some of my readers are as fond of trains as I am, so I include a picture of the train that took me through Bulgaria.






















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