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Officers of the Congregational Federation in Wales 2022:

  • Chairperson : Vacant

  • Immediate Past Chairman: Mrs. Moira Davies

  • President: Rev. Stephen Richards

  • Secretary: Rev. Christopher Gillham

  • Assistant Secretaries: Drs. Dawn & Brendan Mason

  • Minute Secretary: Mrs. Mair Woolston

  • Treasurer: Mrs. Sue McFarlane

  • Assistant Treasure: Miss Sonia James

  • Area Carer: Rev. Carys Butler 

  • Mission and Society: Rev. Stephen Richards & Dr. Colin Brown

  • Christian Ministry: Dr. Colin Brown and Rev. Stephen Richards 

  • Pastoral Care Board: Rev. Martin Spain

  • Youth Representative: Vacant 

  • CYTUN Council: Rev. Christopher Gillham

  • Free Church Council: Rev. Christopher Gillham & Rev. Martin Spain

  • Church Support Worker: Vacant




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